Treasured Tears     

                        Beverly Shoemaker


One of the greatest gifts I have been given is to open my heart and share transparently with the hurting and the lost. I’m truly thankful for each opportunity to speak in the many arenas to try and help all who have suffered the loss of a loved one.  My heart grieves for those that are walking in the pain and darkness of the loss of a child, or a loved ones choice to commit suicide. I am passionate in sharing about how our decisions and the consequences impact the lives of others.   I would love to connect with you about opportunities to speak in your area.  I have no set fee and I’m willing to accept any honorarium your organization offers.

As she spoke, I can remember feeling as if there were no one else in the room but me. Her words of hurt, loss and pain as a surviving family member personally affected by suicide, slammed into my chest and my ears soaked up every word, like a sponge. Here was a thought that had never crossed mind: Had I been successful in my attempts to end my life, how would it have impacted my family? What if my children had been the ones to find my remains? How would this moment of desperation that I was trying to escape, have hurt the ones that loved and cared for me? In that moment of clarity while listening to Mrs. Shoemaker’s testimony, I made a critical life decision. I would NEVER attempt to be so selfish again!

Jon Dykes

SSG (Retired)

U.S. Army

"Beverly Shoemaker is a genuine hero to America's troops! She is not only a trauma survivor herself, but also the mother of a Green Beret. She has fought the same battles other military families face everyday and has successfully overcome them. You won't find a more genuine person who cares enough about our troops to say what needs to be said in order to keep their units and families together through multiple deployments. Bev's unvarnished, straightforward advice is the answer for military families who want to be more resilient. Bev is the real deal!" 
- Brian Fleming, SGT (Ret.) Purple Heart Recipient, Afghanistan Veteran, 10th Mountain Division

I want to recommend Beverly Shoemaker for those looking for a great speaker,  story that touches hearts and helps those that have suffered loss. She is amazing!  Beverly has worked with one of my heros - Dave Roever

Brian McCroskey, former Army Ranger & participant in Somalia's 'Black Hawk Down' operation

"Beverly Shoemaker has one of the most powerful testimonies I have had the honor to hear. Her story of loss and pain will absolutely break your heart, but through that pain The Lord has healed, restored, and blessed her with an ability to speak directly to the heart of people about the grace of God. Her ability to tell her story so dramatically will paint a vivid picture of rising from the ashes of loss that will break down bearers so powerfully you will be left speechless and in awe of the light she brings anywhere she speaks."

-Rusty Brooks-


I know that every student really enjoyed it. To be honest yours was the first presentation that I have seen the whole Student Body be silent and respectful for, the entire time. Our school was greatly impacted by your time and for that I thank you again. I have only heard incredible reviews from everyone. In fact the administration is starting to give council even more lea way to allow us to continue making an impact with our different projects~ Caleb VP student council
"She really touched my heart.  I really agree with her." ~ Student,