Treasured Tears     

                        Beverly Shoemaker


Spreading Hope in the Fires of Sorrow

Beverly Shoemaker

 Founder Treasured Tears

Beverly’s story is about the tragic decisions made by others in her life that sparked a change that would forever affect the direction her life would take. In 2004 her youngest son was killed by a drunk driver.  Three years later in 2007 her husband chose to end his life by suicide. She traded her brokenness for unbreakable strength. Beverly has developed a passion for helping the military, their families and others across the United States.  She brings a message of hope, encouragement and inspiration to others suffering from their own personal tragedies and how she has relied on her deep faith to conquer her darkest moments.  She is now an inspirational speaker sharing in schools, churches, and military bases raising awareness for suicide prevention and the consequences of driving under the influence.

Her older son serves in the United States Army Special Operations Division.  He has deployed ten times, six of those tours combat tours.

She resides in Texas with her husband Jerry.


  No One grieves over the loss of a child like a parent