Treasured Tears     

                        Beverly Shoemaker


"Treasured Tears" is a program that was birthed out of the tragic loss of a child.  Beverly Shoemaker and Mara Jo Castor met in October of 2014 and realized they had a common thread both having suffered the loss of their son. They stepped out in a calling to help other parents struggling with grief and loss.
 Treasured Tears operates under the umbrella of  the 828 Foundation, Inc. a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit.

Our mission statement is “spreading hope in the fires of sorrow.”  Our entire curriculum is committed to providing peer based support  and discipleship at our retreats conferences and support groups, ministering to parents who have lost their children.  
We give hope to an otherwise hopeless group of people, we offer them an opportunity to look beyond their pain and grief and live life again, in the fullness of joy and purpose.  We help them understand that through forgiveness, they are not letting go of their lost child. 

Our leadership team has the ability to connect with our participants in ways not found in most clinical settings. Providing interaction on a peer level through personal testimonies from Mothers  who have lost their own children and spouses. In those personal testimonies the mothers share where and how they found their hope, as well as finding a new normal in life.  They are able to help guide them to discover a hidden passion and purpose in their lives from their own personal tragedies.